Johnnie’s Daughter

Johnnie's Daughter 082

Meet Michelle!  She’s the owner of Johnnie’s Daughter in Goodrich, MI.

Johnnie’s Daughter is a colorful store filled wall to wall!  Looking for quality painted furniture?  Look NO further!  They always have a large variety of big items, hutches, dining room tables with chairs, desk etc.  Need a cute top and necklace?  They have that too!  Some other items include vintage kitchen items, wall hooks, mirrors, wall art, shelves, chairs, vintage hardware and candles!  Ohhhh I love their candles!  When you’re there, check out that bathroom for goodies too!

You can also grab some Vintage Farmhouse Chalk Paint while you’re there!

Johnnie's Daughter 038

Michelle and three other lovely ladies keep the store stocked for us!  Things move quickly!  Michelle opened the store just over a year ago.  She has an extensive background in interior design.

Johnnie's Daughter 047

Here’s the candle I picked up.  Smells heavenlyyyyy ……

Here’s a couple items that really caught my eye ….

Johnnie's Daughter 083Johnnie's Daughter 069

Johnnie's Daughter 022 Johnnie's Daughter 023 Johnnie's Daughter 030 Johnnie's Daughter 017

Those cute little chicks for Easter??  That’s a fabulous dresser!  Oh my gosh, that stool with the bike print???  I could get some major blogging done on that desk.  Those lights?  If I had a place for that yellow one!  And, that shelf …. It’s big and the color is a 10!

And the rest?  Here ya go!  Lots to look at here folks ….

White Barn Vintage

SL and WB Booths 058

Say hello to Janet!  She is the owner of White Barn Vintage.  White Barn Vintage has three amazing booth locations, Collette’s Vintage Art & Antiques (Burton, MI), The Shops at 101 (Holly, MI) and Memories Antique Mall (Rankin, MI).

The name, White Barn Vintage, says it all when it’s come to Janet’s style.  Her items and style are RIGHT up my alley.  Her booth is always stocked with all kinds of goodies, from larger items to smalls.  She always has great seasonal items too.  The deer she makes at Christmas time, A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E.  Her handmade pumpkins during the fall, LOVE them!

WBV Deer WBV Pumpkins(These are past items – not current)

Check out some of her current items!  Keep an eye out for her large bird and nest!  So dang cute!  Janet also sells Wise Owl Chalk Paint.  She’ll always let you know on her Facebook page when her booths are restocked!

What did I pick up?

I grabbed this cute little cutting board for the kitchen!

SL and WB Booths 046

My Shabby Picks!

Yup, another week has ALREADY gone by!  This past week I shared about our new Shabby Coat rack.  Make sure to check that fancy little daddy out! Also, we checked out Shabby Love’s awesome booth!

Now, this week’s picks!


How cool is THIS?  Tin Can Sally, a store on Etsy, has tons of light switch covers.  I can’t decide which one to get!  Check em’ out.  What an awesome idea and so so cool!


Will someone please convince my husband that THESE are fantastic?  They have them available in both counter and pub height.  A nice industrial piece and they look fabulous in person!

IMG_4701These Chalk Note Spice Jars would look great on a kitchen counter!  I would load these babies with salt, pepper, garlic powder and cumin.  My go-to spices!

Which pick you pickin’?

Shabby Love

SL and WB Booths 003

Meet Melissa!  She’s the owner of the Shabby Love booth at Collette’s Vintage Art & Antiques.

Melissa’s booth is ONE of a kind and it’s always my first stop when I head to Collette’s.  When you first walk in, her booth is directly to your right.  She always has unique pieces AND she has a fabulous blog.

Melissa enjoys having pieces of history around her home.  She said antiquing is “in her blood,” as she grew up doing it.  She loves hunting for new pieces!  Melissa has had her booth for 3 years, since Collette’s opened.  So, when you make your trip to Collette’s, don’t forget to peek in Shabby Love’s booth!

Current items:

 Some of my favorites include the small antique watering can and her yard stick stool!

Don’t forget to like her Facebook page for booth updates!

My Shabby Coat Rack!

You know what was lacking by our front door? A coat rack!  There is a large closet that could hold a lot of coats, but who wants to do ALL that? Initially, I was on the hunt for a standing coat rack.  I did not want one from a big box store.  I searched high and low for a wooden one that I could paint.  No Luck.

I found this white chippy headboard at The Shops at 101.  Who doesn’t love white and chippy?  I HAD to have it.

RC Blog 025

 Initially, I had a couple different ideas for it.  Those ideas were constantly changing and other items soon filled the walls.  Then it hit me.  Hooks!

RC Blog 029

Again, I didn’t want your average “hooks” either.  Imagine that.  So, on the hunt again! My search ended with a trip to good ol’ Hobby Lobby.  One thing I do like there is their selection of hooks and knobs/pulls.  My first thought was to paint them ….. After I put it together, I loved the black!

RC Blog 028 RC Blog 026

Look at the detail!

RC Blog 030

It fits perfectly by the front door.  It’s beautiful and functional.  Win, win!

Would you hang your coat here?

My Shabby Picks!

This past week on the blog has been busy busy!  It’s been fun and I hope you’re enjoying it as much as I am.  I appreciate all the shabby love, comments and support.

If you missed out, don’t forget to read my post, The Person Who Inspires Me and my two shopping trips, Collette’s Vintage Art & Antiques and The Rusted Coop!

Now, this weeks goodies look a little something like ….

Pick 1:

SP Week2 Chair

This Deconstructed French Victorian Chaise is ammmmazing!  I can picture myself snuggled up in that with a blanket, book and cup of hot tea… or Wine!  I’ve always wanted a master suite with a big window and one of these boys in front.  Oh yah.  Please hubs?

Pick 2:

SP Week2 Lights

I think I found the perfect pendants for over our kitchen island.  These Rustic Pendants are lovely.  Because our island is in the middle of our kitchen, I like how these won’t block your vision when looking through the kitchen.  However, I don’t look forward to keeping them spotless.  Sometimes, you gotta do what ya gotta do!  These are going in the “shopping cart.”

Pick 3:



Spring? Hello!  Black and white with a pop of color is always fun!  I love this Floral Embroidered Throw Pillow and you can never have enough, right?

Which pick you pickin’?




Collette’s Vintage Art & Antiques

Welcome to Collette’s Vintage Art & Antiques.

This morning, Miss Shabby Grace herself insisted on making a trip here.  How could I say no?  So, after breakfast we headed north on M-15.

Collette’s is HUGE and a lot of fun.  It has been open for 3 years and has 300 booths! HOLY SMOKES!  I definitely have my favorite booths.  I mean, who wouldn’t?  We all have our different styles.  Regardless, there’s something for everyone.  For some, it’s a walk down memory lane!  When you plan your trip, set some time aside.  You could walk this place for HOURS!  Leave the kiddos at home or grab the baby carrier, snacks, toys … whatever you gotta do!

Check out some items that caught our eye this mornin’:

 Curious what we bought?

I snagged these goodies from Shabby Love.

IMG_4521    IMG_4588

This beautiful brass strawberry and some grain sacks!  I’ll keep you posted on what my plan is for those grain sacks!