White Barn Vintage

SL and WB Booths 058

Say hello to Janet!  She is the owner of White Barn Vintage.  White Barn Vintage has three amazing booth locations, Collette’s Vintage Art & Antiques (Burton, MI), The Shops at 101 (Holly, MI) and Memories Antique Mall (Rankin, MI).

The name, White Barn Vintage, says it all when it’s come to Janet’s style.  Her items and style are RIGHT up my alley.  Her booth is always stocked with all kinds of goodies, from larger items to smalls.  She always has great seasonal items too.  The deer she makes at Christmas time, A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E.  Her handmade pumpkins during the fall, LOVE them!

WBV Deer WBV Pumpkins(These are past items – not current)

Check out some of her current items!  Keep an eye out for her large bird and nest!  So dang cute!  Janet also sells Wise Owl Chalk Paint.  She’ll always let you know on her Facebook page when her booths are restocked!

What did I pick up?

I grabbed this cute little cutting board for the kitchen!

SL and WB Booths 046

My Shabby Picks!

This past week on the blog has been busy busy!  It’s been fun and I hope you’re enjoying it as much as I am.  I appreciate all the shabby love, comments and support.

If you missed out, don’t forget to read my post, The Person Who Inspires Me and my two shopping trips, Collette’s Vintage Art & Antiques and The Rusted Coop!

Now, this weeks goodies look a little something like ….

Pick 1:

SP Week2 Chair

This Deconstructed French Victorian Chaise is ammmmazing!  I can picture myself snuggled up in that with a blanket, book and cup of hot tea… or Wine!  I’ve always wanted a master suite with a big window and one of these boys in front.  Oh yah.  Please hubs?

Pick 2:

SP Week2 Lights

I think I found the perfect pendants for over our kitchen island.  These Rustic Pendants are lovely.  Because our island is in the middle of our kitchen, I like how these won’t block your vision when looking through the kitchen.  However, I don’t look forward to keeping them spotless.  Sometimes, you gotta do what ya gotta do!  These are going in the “shopping cart.”

Pick 3:



Spring? Hello!  Black and white with a pop of color is always fun!  I love this Floral Embroidered Throw Pillow and you can never have enough, right?

Which pick you pickin’?




First Stop: The Rusted Coop

RC Blog 085

Meet Brandy!  She’s the owner of The Rusted Coop in Byron, MI.

The Rusted Coop is a fantastic little barn snuggled back in the woods.  It’s filled with shabby, chippy and perfectly rusty furniture and home decor.  Brandy enjoys running her store that has been open for almost two years.  She offers custom furniture painting and creates custom window decal designs.  Her store is open by appointment.  Swing over to her Facebook page and show her some love!  She’s always updating her page with the latest and greatest inventory.  Contact her directly for pricing, appointments and custom items.  When I’m in her neck of the woods, I always stop in!

Here are some of The Rusted Coop’s current goodies:

And while we’re at it, here’s some goodies I’ve picked from her in the past:

This lovely mailbox goes perfectly in our mudroom.

RC Blog 041

Rusty items always appeal to me.  This one is a keeper, for sure!

RC Blog 033

RC Blog 035

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

My Shabby Picks!

Do you like shopping online?  I do.  Do you fill your online shopping cart and sometimes never check out?  I do.  My husband thinks I’m crazy but, it kind of feels like you shopped, right?

Well, “My Shabby Picks” will keep you posted on my favorite finds for the week!  How cool is that?  Basically, I will online shop for YOU.  Easy peasyyyy.

Pick 1:

I loveee industrial decor.  I wouldn’t do “everything” industrial but I find it very tasteful to add a few hints of it “here and there.”  This Etsy store has a lot of cool pieces, but my favorite is this:

Featured image

You can find it here!

Pick 2:

This clock.  Reminds me of the clock in my high school gym.  I want … well, I think I neeeed, this clock.  I’ve been on the hunt for one for a while.  I did find one but it wasn’t working.  Shucks.  I think it would look lovely in our kitchen, under a large barn-wood shelf.  (Details to come soon!)

Featured image

You can find it here!

Pick 3:

These fantastic shelves!  The mix of wood and metal to me is, spot on!  It’s such a great look.   These are also not your “average” shelves which appeals to me because I like to be different!

Featured image

You can find them here!

Which one is your favorite?  It’s a hard choice, but I’m going to go with the clock!

My Shabby Cabs!

After many many indecisive discussions with my husband, I finallllly painted our kitchen cabinets!

It’s kind of scary.  Will it look good?  Is my husband gonna kill me? Yiiikes!  Dipping that paint brush and putting the first stroke of paint on our maple cabinets was quite difficuit.  It happened.  It’s done.  We LOVE them!

First, I took a cabinet painting class at Pigeon in the Parlour.  I highly recommend the class.  They offer other classes as well.

We decided to lighten the kitchen and chose “Old White” chalk paint by Annie Sloan.

Step 1:  Pictures

Take a before picture. You won’t regret it!

Featured image

Featured image

Step 2:  PREP

This is 80% of the job, folks!  It’s a lot of work.  But, if you take your time and do it right, you will have BETTER results.

Clean your cabinets and drawers and clean them good!  Our cabinets are gross …. lots of “gunk.”

Then, tape.  Tape, tape, and tape some more ….

Step 3:  Paint

Featured image

Featured image

Step 4:  Sand

I used a 220 sanding block and did a light distressing on all cabinets and drawers. Everyone has their own style of distressing.  I like to distress where “normal” wear and tear would exist.  I also did an all over light sanding.

Step 5:  Wax

Some people don’t want to wax their cabinets, we chose to wax.  Brush the wax on.  You only need a small amount.  Then immediately wipe off the excess wax.  The paint is very porous and will soak that wax right in.  The color will change slightly.  Let sit for at least 24 hours.  It will take approximately 30 days for the wax to fully harden and cure.  After 24 hours has gone by, buff.  You can purchase a buffing brush or I’ve used pieces of a paper bag before.  This brings out the shine!  I have had no issues with ours, thus far.  Love love!

Tip:  I did not take the cabinet doors off.  Our hinges are on the inside of the cabinets so I painted over the hinge hardware.  If you do take your doors off, label each one and put the hardware in a bag.  Each door is different and you don’t want to be messing around with matching doors after you spend so many hours painting.

Featured image

A close up, final.

Featured image

Now, the paint color ….  I think it’s going to be in this family of colors (See below).  I want the cabinets to pop against the wall color.  Also, that’s the granite we picked out! Heck.yah.baby!  I’m pumped!

Featured image

Our current contender is top row, far left.  What do you think of the color choice?


Hey Hey!

I did it … I started a Blog! It’s been on my mind for a while and I’m finally taking the plunge.

Shabby Grace.  I love love love Shabby Chic decor.  Decorating, being creative and SHOPPING.  This is my jam.  I also have a daughter named Eva Grace.  My husband, AK (Aaron), wanted to call her Grace.  We compromised on Grace being her middle name.  Well, guess what we call her?  Grace.  Oh yah, Eva Grace comes out when needed.  Which, is a lot lately.  This Toddler.  Oh…this toddler.  She’s something else.  She enjoys shopping with mom and helping with the projects too, so what a perfect name, eh?  Shabby. Grace.  Lovvvvve.

I have a few goals for this blog.

1.  To welcome you into our Shabby Grace Home.  I’m usually redecorating a room or we are updating something.  Right, AK?

2.  To share with you any DIY projects I’m tackling.

3.  To be your virtual shopper.  Yes.  I said it.  I already frequent local shops so why not bring you along?  I support small businesses and I encourage you to do the same.

I hope you stick around for the fun!  I’m ready for the adventure ….  Keep your eyes peeled for updates on our kitchen!  I’m diggin’ our progress!


About Shabby Grace

Hey Hey! I’m Sara with Shabby Grace. I’m a small town gal from good ol’ Michigan.  Most importantly, I’m a wife and mom.  I have an amazing and supportive husband.  We have an adorable daughter, Eva Grace.  She’s smart, sassy and VERY funny.  Let’s not forget our Shih Tzu, Callie, our first baby.  She enjoys treats and lounging.


I’ve always had a passion for design and decorating.  Since I “retired” from the State of Michigan when we had our daughter, I’ve had more time to do what I love.  If you ask the hubby, that’s shop!  So, I’ve combined the two and began to blog.

I love ….

Shopping local, antiques, re-purposing items, decorating, designing/updating, social media, “hunting” for that perfect find, TARGET, coffee (Good coffee too), photography, food, cooking, sleep, fitness and “enjoying the moments” as my lovely mother would say….

I’m here to share my love and welcome you into our Shabby Grace Home!